The draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) lays the path to cleanup of the Santa Susana site. You have a say in ensuring that path leads in the right direction.

The draft EIR only considers excessive cleanup alternatives that will not make people who live near Santa Susana, or who may hike on the site in the future, safer. These cleanups would unnecessarily require the local community to live with decades of transportation and air quality impacts, and destroy critical wildlife habitat and disturb Native American artifacts in the process.

Putting to rest any question of the future use of the Santa Susana property, we recorded a conservation easement that ensures at least 2,400 acres will forever be preserved as open space habitat for the benefit of wildlife and the local community. Now, more than ever, it is important for a cleanup to be chosen that is protective of human health and the environment for the actual future use of the land.

The Santa Susana site can continue to be safe for neighboring communities, site visitors and the wildlife and Native American artifacts that call it home during and after cleanup.

The Department of Toxic Substances Control needs to hear from you to prevent destructive decisions. Speak up before it’s too late

I am opposed to the proposed cleanup and cleanup alternatives for Boeing's property in the draft Environmental Impact Report that assume residential development and backyard gardens at the Santa Susana site. Since homes will never be built or gardens planted there, this level of cleanup is at odds with the future use of the property as open space habitat now that a conservation easement is in place. A cleanup level based on residential use with backyard gardens would be excessive and have unnecessary impacts on the community, wildlife and habitat.

Santa Susana is an important part of a vital wildlife corridor used by mountain lions, bobcat, deer, and reptiles and over 100 bird species. It is also home to native plants and grasses and extensive riparian oak woodlands. It was designated as an Indian sacred site that is home to Native American pictographs and artifacts. Many people live in the communities that surround the Santa Susana site.

The Environmental Impact Report is required to evaluate a recreational cleanup; failure to do so violates the California Environmental Quality Act and denies me the opportunity to see how significant impacts to biological and cultural resources would be reduced or eliminated.

A fundamental purpose of the Environmental Impact Report is to demonstrate to the public that the proposed cleanup is fully protective of human health and the environment. A recreational cleanup will be protective of future users of the property and neighboring communities, reduce truck traffic and other impacts to adjacent communities, and provide greater protection of Santa Susana's unique ecological and cultural resources -- both during and after cleanup.

Thank you for considering my input. I look forward to your response.

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